How can i update SAMBA on my NSA325 V2?

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I'm trying to connect to my shares on windows 10 , which no longer supports SMB1. I don't want to go around re-enabling everyones insecure SMB1 again, so I'd rather just update SAMBA on the NAS. the only guide I can find on the subject is on which is down, does anyone have an alternerative guide i could follow? I dont even have SSH access, the default firmware only gives Telnet access which I have no idea how to use.



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  • Wiasouda
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    You can install the SSH package from APP center, then you can be able to use SSH.
    But for samba update, it may not possible, since after reboot the configuration will be restored back to default, so it seems the update need the open source to build up the new samba version.
  • AeitZean
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    How do I install the SSH package? Where is the app center? The packages tab on the firmware/packages section of the web interface doesn't list SSH as an optional package. Is the app center somewhere different? Also why would updating Samba be undone by a restart? There are definitely guides i cant access on how to do it, but I cant access them to see what they say right now, because nas-central is still down. 
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    Are you running the latest firmware? FW 4.8 has a ssh package, as you can see here:
    But 4.70 and older doesn't have this.
  • Pejt
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    but is there any solution for main problem - how to update SMB to newer version ? 
  • Mysik
    I've successfully installed Samba replacement, and the network share is working again, but I've noticed that the printer server is not available anymore with the new samba
    Is there any fix available? anyone else lost access to network printer after updating samba to the Entware-ng version?

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