NAS 540 Rsync Question or backup destination.

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I bought this NAS to backup to from a primary NAS, all 3 of NAS devices except this one seem to do rsync.
Is there any third party apps to allow rsync, I need this device to be rsync destination. It is easy to do but I can not find an rsync daemon to start or mess with.

OR any other idea to being to pipe my movies from a NAS device to the video directory?

ISCSI kind of worked, but that is not easily view-able by all OS's for a restore.

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  • tolyaasch
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    It seems I have a similar problem than you. I have two of N540 and want to rsync from "primary" to "secondary" N540 but backup planner cannot see directory structure of the other N540 (backup planner/rsync/remote). I tried each direction (primary to secondary, secondary to primary). The devices are sat up in same ip range (, with agregated LAN (LAN1+LAN2). I cannot imagine what to do. Normal backup (backup planner/Archive/Incremetal backup/Remote) is working properly :(
  • bsilverthorn
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    Yes very odd, 540 to 540 should be easy but its not. My QNAP and Netgear NAS devices have Rsync on them and its an easy no struggles at all. Even my 1bay WD NAS has rsync, the all mirror the same two dirctories. For the life of me I can not figure out how to mount the 540 remotely from any of my NAS devices, with the exception of ISCSI, but that is clearly not an optimal way to handle it and its not easy to see other devices. Wondering if I should return this thing before they won't take it back unless there is someway to load a linux variant on it.
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