login problem - AFP share

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since a while, I do have a problem with a NAS542 (fw: V5.21(ABAG.1)), accessing from OS X 10.13.6:
- it begin with a connection problem: I cannot login on the 
web interface with the any user having Admin rights. To bypass this issue, I had to login as a normal user (one used to access a share). Then, I log out and after that, I am able to login as Admin.
- another issue arises: I have problems to see AFP shared folders (system say shared are missing, asking to check correct ip or else). I do have to login to web interface (doing above procedure) then I can login.

The time I stay logged on the computer, everything works.

The next day, problems repeat.

One note: Server that has shared folder mapped and open, still see it without problem.

Thanks for any help.



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