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Hi, I have a few problems with my NAS326. The CPU shows 100% but the process list shows only Python at 2-3%. What's my CPU working on? I have disabled thumbs and Twonky. The second issue may be related to the first. The NAS326 will not go to sleep. I have set the timeout to the lowest it will allow (10 minutes) but no good. It keeps running even when the computer is shut off and nothing is accessing it. My firmware is V5.21(AAZF.2).
Thanks, Bob Schoner



  • Ijnrsi
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    Maybe the feature of thumb is not disable success?
    Try telnet to your NAS and type command "ps" to check if there are the following process.

    if you see thumb_creator and file monitor, then it means the thumb feature is not disable.

    Moreover, you can try reset device and disable thumb again to check before you restore the configuration file.
    If HDD can move into sleep, but after restore configuration and HDD no possible to sleep, it might the configuration error. 
  • rschoner
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    Thanks for the response. Telnet did not show anything so I reset. CPU is at 9% (all python) and the HDs are sleeping. Nice to see that the folders I added are still there.

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