NAS540 FW downgrade

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since i've today updated my NAS540 to V5.21(AATB.1) i can't:
- play movies (avi/mkv/etc) via SMB without buffering all 10 seconds or losing the audio stream via KODI on fireTV4K (an easy 720p or 1080p-file)
- connect via my panasonic TV (system is not visible in the network manager)
and other things via SMB.
the connection from my mac (AFP) is much more slower than before (i never thought that that's possible, but ... it is....)
if i open a mkv-file via VLC on my mac the network monitor from the NAS540 never will show more then 2MB/s upload and i have a CPU usage of 100% (2 python processes)

ALL pakets are deactivated. this "thing" has only job: give me data via SMB or AFP... nothing more...

how can i go back to the (yesterday) working V5.21(AATB.0)???
i tried to load the FW from but the systems says that the FW can't be installed...


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