NAS5540 with RAID 5 recomputing parity from time to time

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Last Sunday my NAS540 again started do recompute RAID 5 parity. As I had to switch it of, I lost connection and it took some time until reconnect was possible again.
Why does the system have to resync RAID 5 parity?


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  • Mijzelf
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    I think one of your disks is dropped from the array from time to time. I didn't know it would re-add that disk without command.
  • Reinhold
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    Strange. Having a hot spare I'd expect the system to switch to the hot spare.
    I am not sure, but it may be that the problem occurs when I unplug the power supply for more that two days. I could test it, but I don't like the trouble when my assumption ist true.
    I'll wait to see whether it happens again.

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