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I am currently using three Multy X devices in our house and in generell they work quite well.

However, what I realize since the beginning is that quite often when I want to open a new website in a browser the system gets stuck and only when sending the same request again (by clicking in the url address field and pressing enter again or refresh) it opens up. This is quite annoying to be honest and something I'd like to be changed. Anything I can do from my end? Internet speed is good, therefore this is not something to be related to speed. And I also did not have the same issue before. It only started when using the Multi Xs.

Thanks for any support to get this fixed! 


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  • Hanamichi
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    Hi derStrubeJunge,

    Can you provide more information to clarify this problem?
    1. Does this problem occur on every client devices or only some devices? Please provide the device information.
    2. Which URL address you tried? Or every URL address will happen this problem on that device?
    3. Which browser you used? Do you try to use different browser to confirm it?
    4. What is your network topology? And Multy X firmware version?

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