HOW TO: stream videos over the internet, via the Twonky server

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(This is a solution, not a question, offered here in case anyone else is interested!)

Although the zCloud app for Android and iOS can stream videos from the ZyXEL NAS (mine is NAS 326), I was unable to watch videos streamed via the Twonky app on the NAS's web interface unless I was on my local home network.  The problem I was having is that when the NAS tries to stream the video, it redirects to the ("loopback") address -- this is not available on the internet.  The trick is to replace the "" in the stream's URL with the public IP address (or DNS domain name) for the NAS.  It's a bit of a pain to do this by hand, so I wrote a simple script for the Mac.  (Easy to do on Windows, too, using Python or perl or VBA, but I used AppleScript on the Mac.)

It works great.

Please let me know if there's interest.  If so, I'll post it.


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