Want to buy NAS542, but not sure about some features

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Hi, I'm interesting to buy Zyxel NAS542. So I wonder if I can achieve my idea. So my idea is:
1. To have 2 hdds in RAID 1 mode - for personal data, including breakups from mine and my wife's phone, and also sync those data.
2. To have third hdd witch will not be in raid mode, where I will store non important data, such as movies, game installation files etc.

Is it possible? From those requirements depends if I will buy your device, or not.

Also, is it possible to use some package manager for terminal and install third party apps? One example should be custom version of php with custom modules

Many thanks,

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    The drives can be configured in many different ways.  Currently my NAS542 have similar arrangement. 2 disks in RAID1 and another 2 standalone. There are some apps from Zyxel, not sure for 3d party though.

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