Nas540 raid5 failed to rebuild after disk 1 failed

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Diks 1 of my 4 disk raid 5 failed and I replaced it and started rebuild.
Rebuild stalled after about 8 hours with about 24 hours more to go.
The nas was completely unresponsive and there was no activity on the disks.

After rebooting the nas it was showing no available volume. But the 3 disks are stil ok and seen as Hot Spares.

I connected the disks to an ubuntu system and used mdadm to examine the disks.
All disks return a raid level of raid1. Which is incorrect seeing they are part of a raid 5.

Does anyone have any clue on how to proceed?
I do not trust my nas anymore as it has completely crashed and I can not even get into the web console anymore.

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