How can I change settings on my Multy X router when it is greyed out?

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I have recently spent 5 hours 'attempting' to set up a Multy X router. The worst thing is that the application assumes you have internet access already in order to set it up. I do not. Where I live there is barely any mobile data/h+ connections so this is nearly impossible. 

I have plugged the router into my dsl modem and followed the steps to setup the router however it requires me to have the internet in order to setup the router details? After filling the app with the details given to me by my ISP, the router remains a solid red. It has been given the same details as my other working router. 

After installing the Multy x box I am now giving access to part of the Multy app however the 'settings' button is greyed out. How am I able to change the settings of my router when it is greyed out? At this point when I have a Wi-Fi connection to my router, my phone refuses to use mobile data for it's internet so the app asks me to 'connect to the internet' but my phone won't as it's trying to use my new router connection to get this internet which will fail until I get into the settings. Could someone please tell me why the 'settings' option within my router is greyed out. I really am losing my tether with this and it's honestly the worst router I've ever had to setup.


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    Does your DSL modem has WiFi feature?
    Can you install first Multy X node successfully?

    Can you explain more detail about installation? Which step has the problem?
    Is possible to provide some screenshots?

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