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Labessane Posts: 3  Freshman Member
edited November 2018 in Multy WiFi System
My broadband is 200mb, but the speed  test measures up to 100mb. Are there any plans to change this? I am aware that I can test out my primary to internet link elsewhere, but would be nice if this worked as well.



  • lodiabai
    lodiabai Posts: 120  Ally Member
    What device do you use and what is your topology?
    PPPoE or DHCP?
  • Hanamichi
    Hanamichi Posts: 125  Ally Member
    Is possible to provide more detail information to clarify it?
    - What is the firmware version of your Multy X WiFi System?
    - What is your download/upload network bandwidth?
    - Can you share which device model name you tested?
    - How do you test network speed? Using wireless or wired device to test ? Tested via Multy App or Speedtest website?
    - Any screenshots about the result?

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