What to do when Multy U (WSR30) is unable to access Internet during installation?

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When Multy U (WSR30) detects that the Internet is not accessible while installing for the first time, it provides 2 more connection options, PPPoE and Static IP in the Multy app.
It implies that Multy U (WSR30) doesn't get an IP address from your modem/router to access the Internet. This article shows you how to troubleshoot this problem.

Step 1: Check the physical link between your modem/router and Multy U (WSR30).
Please make sure that the Ethernet cable is connected properly between your modem/router and Multy U (WSR30).

Step 2: Configure Internet access via PPPoE or Static IP.

Please skip this step and go to Step 3 if you are not using PPPoE or Static IP as the Internet connection.
If you are using a PPPoE connection or a static IP address to access the Internet, please configure it through the relevant button (PPPoE or Static IP) and finish the installation.

Step 3: Check Internet access with your modem/router.
Please connect a laptop or a PC to your modem/router with an Ethernet cable and surf the Internet via a web browser by using the laptop/PC. If you are not able to surf the Internet, it indicates that something is wrong with your modem/router. Please contact your Internet service provider (ISP) for further assistance if you have no idea how to solve it.

Step 4: Retry the installation.
After Step 3, if you are able to surf the Internet via the laptop/PC, tap "None of These, Retry" in the Multy app. If it still shows the "Unable to Access Internet" message, please reset Multy U (WSR30) and run the installation from the beginning.

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