Multy X wifi cannot found by other devices

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My Multy X should be running ok and the blue led is on. Problem is that none of my devices (mobile phone, iPad etc) cannot find the Multy X wifi network.

It used to work perfectly until today. Now I cannot connect to my home wifi at all with none of my devices. According to Multy app everything is ok with the network.

Could it be because of some kind of "hide network" setting with Multy network or what is going on?


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  • Zyxel_Steven
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    May I know what is the firmware version of your Multy X?
    When you open Multy App, is your Multy X online?
    Do you set up any schedule of the Parental Control feature?

    Please make sure your WiFi is turn on.
    - Open Multy APP and go to "WiFi Settings" page
    - Tap "edit" (1.)
    - To check WiFi (2.) is enable
    - "Save" (3.) it

  • Bgor
    Bgor Posts: 3  Freshman Member
    Hi, I have the same problem, app is showing that connection is broken. Only home tab is available and wifi can not be accessed throught app.
  • Dash
    Dash Posts: 65  Ally Member
    If you're using LTE (4G) signal, are you able to connect Mutly App?
    Do you try to reset and re-install Multy X? Is there anything improve?
  • Bgor
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    also using lte connection is not possible to connect to the site configuration. Reset was done but the primary node has no funktion (no red led after reset, still ligt blue cont.)... system will be returned / replaced. After 3 weeks of usage !?

  • Dash
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    After reset, do you re-install it?
    If the primary node's LED is Blue Blinking, it means ready for installation.

    Push reset button 5 seconds (LED: Red Fast Blinking) -> Release reset button (LED: Red Fast Blinking) -> Power on (LED: White Solid) -> Boot up (LED: White Blinking) -> Ready for installation (Blue Blinking)

  • Bgor
    Bgor Posts: 3  Freshman Member
    Hi, reset was not possible, led was not blinking light blue color. Even using usb stick (with firmware received over support) node could not be reseted = new installation was not possible. System returned.
    thank you for support

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