NAS326 : Can my new NAS326 use HDD from WD my Cloud?

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I was found that WD my cloud didn't work. Other good news, It's out of warranty.
I bought NAS326 in order to replace the broken WD. So, I disassemble the WD and put the HDD on usb dock in order to check it up. It can be work with EXT4 file system. I didn't lost any data inside the hdd.
Once, I put the hdd to NAS326. Firstly, It asked me to create volumn. So, I didn't proceed anything.

Here are my questions.
 - If I proceed to create volumn. Do I need to format the HDD Or NAS326 will create volumn without format.? (format is not my choice. I didn't backup the data)
 - Can it works without format?

Or If you have any suggestion.

Pls, advice me.


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    The disk need to be repartitioned and formatted to be able to use it in the NAS326. That will destroy your data. However, it is possible to mount that disk manually, using ssh. So if you have a 2nd disk, you could create a volume on that, and copy the data over in the nas.

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