NAS326 iSCSI and Virtualization Options

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I spent all weekend moving vm's around in my proxmox nodes and thought a nas would be the end to all my problems.  I considered doing it by hand using raspberry pi and a 4 in one jbod setup, but I saw this and saw it supported raid and networking... I got iscsi to work in windows, but I really want it work in linux, preferably proxmox, but if I could set it up via CLI in proxmox I might be happy, but not really.. because what I really need is a way to do lvm provisioning on an iscsi lun, and I don't think having it locally will help as I need to add it to proxmox.  Anyways. It seems that the lack of proxmox use of chap authentication is part of the issue, but I read of a CLI workaround that I attempted (ssh) and it doesn't work on a nas326, (different pathing structures).  So I'm at a loss.  I'm thinking my best bet is to figure out a debian solution/iscsi initiator)  I have a few other solutions (a docker jinitiator container that holds an nfs share?)

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