How to configure Static IP during installation via Multy App?

Zyxel_Support Posts: 436  Zyxel Employee
Step 1: Click the "Static IP" button.
If Multy U (WSR30) is not able to access Internet during the installation, the screen will be directed to the Unable to Access Internet page. Please tap the Static IP button to set a static IP address.

Step 2: Fill in the information for setting up a static IP address.
Please fill out the form with correct information of IP address, Subnet Mask, Gateway Address and DNS(DNS Server) and then tap the Submit button to continue.

Step 3: Connect to Internet.
You will be able to access Internet after clicking the Next button. Otherwise, you need to check your router/modem which the Multy U (WSR30) connects to or contact your service provider (ISP) for further assistance.

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