Does Multy U (WSR30) support Daisy Chain?

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Multy U (WSR30) is true mesh system which combined Daisy Chain and Star Topology.

Daisy Chain

Star Topology

True Mesh


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    Hi, you said it's supported  BUT we can't activate the daisy chain mode ! also in the manual page 5 it's written that the multi U don't support !! so ... can we or not activate this mode ?
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    Dear Sir,

    Multy U supports multiple connections with other nodes, which means Multy U will build the connection with every node that it can receive signal with.
    That's why it doesn't have the option for Daisy Chain because it will build the path with every nodes base on the location of that Multy. 
    In general, the Multy U supports the combination of Daisy Chain and Star topology at the same time.

    Best Regards,

  • joum
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    i have recently installed a multy u system (3 devices) at home, the setup wen’t smoothly and i activated bridge mode as i already have a router by my isp.
    The problem is, it seems that they can’t work in daisy chain mode, each node needs to connect to the main multy u, or they won’t work at all, this is not very practical as my house is quite long, and i need the nodes to be able to connect to each other. On your faq, you say daisy chain is automatic.. but when i launch a test, the only test running are between the main node and the others, not the secondairies between them.
    This seems to proove that daisy chain is not working ... any advice? Perharps a firmware update could solve that.
  • joum
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    i will answer to myself as i found the solution:  to force it work, i had to put the third device far far away, so that it had absolutely no chance to connect to the main hub, and then, after i restarted the system, it worked and connected in daisy chain. You still can’t see it when you diagnose, but it works anyway.

    Regarding the main question about the best topology.

    My house has 5 rooms and a large covered terrace that we use in the summer. Let's say 6-7 rooms in total.

    I am privileged as I have a roof and have erhernet cables run through the roof and can connect the multys with ethernet cables for better and stable results.

    Which topology is best for wired connection. Should I connect them in a chain arrangement starting from the router or as a star with the router in the center?

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    I would suggest to use daisy chain instead of star.

    Once there is the disconnection between the devices, using daisy chain would make it easy to find out the problem.

    You can easily know which device gets the problem and reboot the device.

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