What kind of event is detected by AiShield as a Threat event?

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When AiShield detected a threat event, the traffic will be blocked and the threat event is recorded in the App.

IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) Critical/High/Medium event

IPS event includes Critical/High/Medium/Low severity levels. The severity level is based on severity scores for CVE Entries which are provided by the U.S. National Vulnerability Database (NVD).

The IPS event types are shown below:
  • Denial-of-service (DoS)
  • Unauthorized-access
  • Web-attack
  • Trojan-activity
  • Shellcode-detect
  • Reconnaissance
  • Protocol-vulnerability-attack
  • Exploit
  • CryptoHijacking

IP Reputation event from WAN to LAN traffic

When the IP Reputation event is detected and the traffic from WAN side is one of the following types:
  • Spam Sources
  • Windows Exploits
  • Web Attacks
  • BotNets
  • Denial of Service
  • Reputation
  • Phishing
  • Mobile Threats

Web Safe Browsing event

When the user browses the following malicious websites:
  • Malware Sites
  • Phishing and Other Frauds
  • Spyware and Adware
  • Botnets

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