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We have a NAS326 running RAID1 and a backup to a USB HDD.  I want to be able to prove to mself that in the event of the NAS box dying I can restore the backup files using something other than the NAS box's own restore tool.

So I've downloaded DAR.exe from sourceforge and tried:

DAR -l "E:\Backup Job 1\F-1540977945.31.dar"

Which should just check the contents

But all I get is:

No backup file is present in file:///dar64-2.5.17-win64 for archive E:\Backup Job 1\F-1540977945.31.dar, please provide the last file of the set

.31.dar is the last file.  But I get the same with .1.dar and the .lst.dar file

The archive is not encrypted or compressed.  Can anyone help??

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    Following is the process for backup, and It seems NAS use Zyxel own tool of zydar to backup data, maybe this is the reason why you cannot use dar tool to list the archive file.

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