how to change webUI (weblogin) password from ssh-cli on NAS520 ?

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I want to know if its posible to change the password of a user like admin from command line interface, i've change it with passwd but it seems to change for ssh not for webui, thanks in advance for your help.


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    The command smbpasswd might help. The weblogin credentials are managed by samba. If this works, it won't survive a reboot, so you need to change it again in the webinterface.

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    What problem did you meet?
    If you forget the password for web GUI, then you can press hardware reset button with 1 beep and release, then the webGUI and admin's password will back to 1234.
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    I managed to do it with a little script placed in "sbin" called "" , it does the same thing that "press hardware reset button with 1 beep and release" . I saw the script and actually just restore "passwd" "shadow" "smbpasswd" to default ones. So the answer from @Mijzelf it seems right to me. Thank a lot for the fast response.

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