My Music NAS does not seem to be reachable through the Sonos system

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Hi everyone, To better cover our home with wifi we have bought two Multy devices. However, since plugging the main one into the router my Sonos sound system cannot reach the NAS anymore (NAS was plugged into router and as a test now in the main Multy directly) on both occasions the Nas cannot be reached through Sonos.
I noticed the IP address of both MULTYs was in another range than the router.  Is it possible to manually change the Multy IP addresses ?


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    No possible... 
    Multy X doesn't have GUI and no option in Multy APP.

    But you directly connected NAS to Multy X and no possible to reach it?
    If yes, does your NAS use DHCP client? Or the NAS is setup the static IP?
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    Your Sonos sound system is connected to the router or Multy X? Can you share your network topology?

    If your Sonos sound system is connected to the router and the NAS is connected to Multy X, it is two different network. So, you need to set Multy X as Bridge mode, then Sonos sound system can communicate with the NAS in the same network.

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