NAS540 RAID 1 Setup

Stefan Posts: 4  Freshman Member
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Hello here,

So I have just created RAID 1 setup with files on it.

My Question is:

1. Is my RAID 1 setup configured correctly?

2. In case of HDD failure and one disk corrupt, do i need to turn the NAS off in order to swap the broken HDD, or can i do it live?



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  • Wiasouda
    Wiasouda Posts: 156  Master Member
    Hi @Stefan

    Question 1: Yes, the RAID 1 was created correctly.
    Question 2: I had the experience for swapping HDD without NAS off and rebuild RAID 1, but the best is power off the NAS, then to change the broken HDD to prevent any unexpect situation.

  • Stefan
    Stefan Posts: 4  Freshman Member
    @Wiasouda Thanks alot!! :))

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