MySQL and MyPHPadmin not working together

Roger_Waldrip Posts: 10  Freshman Member
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I am unable to access my MyPHPadmin nor MySQL on my NAS540.  I tried to use the reset password but MyPHPadmin still will not connect.  Anybody have any ideas?


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  • Ijnrsi
    Ijnrsi Posts: 254  Master Member
    Do you mean that you can't see the MyPHPadmin page or you can see the page, but fail to login?
    The latter you can go "/i-data/sysvol/.PKG/PHP-MySQL-phpMyAdmin/gui/phpmyadmin" via telnet/ssh and cat to check the login password.
    But if it is the former, try disable and enable the package, and the worst case is to reinstall the package.

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