NAS542 extremely slow transfer speeds.

edited December 2018 in Personal Cloud Storage
Hello, I recently acquired 2 NAS542 and after setting up one of them with 4x3TB disk drives and RAID-10 I started transferring my files to it. The problem is the transfer speed is topping out at 10MB which is extremely slow for a raid-10 array or for anything really... I have a NSA310 that writes to disk with 40MB and an NSA325v2 with a RAID-1 array that writes with 60-70MB. Why is this model so slow and is this the best I can expect? Since I would prefer to just buy more 325v2 or 326 than have 2 extra bays and 10 times slower transfer speeds.

EDIT: Nevermind, a wire in the network chain was partially eaten by my cat. Sorry.

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