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The apache webserver is logging a "premature end of script header" when I try to login to my NAS 540.
This happend after last fw update :-(
Since I can get in to the webinterface I don't know how to upgrade or downgrade the system, anyone have any idea how to get around this or how I fix the weblogin.cgi file (which apparently is not workin....)


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    You can go to web page, after login, then you will see the icon called Control Panel, tap it and go to System > Firmware Upgarde, then you can tap " Check Now" to see if there is the new firmware, and then you can tap "Upgrade Now" to do online firmware upgarde.
    Or you can manually download the firmware from zyxel ftp and manually upgrade the NAS540.

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    Try incognito mode of your browser, and/or try another browser, and/or clear cookies and cache.

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