NAS542 ADMIn login phenomen!!!!

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after running a few days or hours (not exactly prooved) the web interface reject any login to the ADMIN account with "account name wrong". To check whether this is right, I've tried to login via ssh.
And it works. So the password is correct.
The workaround is to reboot the whole box via ssh/reboot after login to admin and su -.
I'm working with the most current available firmware. It doesn't matter whether the login happens via firefox, opera or safari or if I using alternative hardware *win 10 box with edge for  example.


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    Same phenomen seen on my box. Opened a call, send logfiles and configuration but they cannot recreate  this problem. The call was opened several times but they cannot/want help.
    They want to open a TeamViewer session, but I reject it due to security reasons.

    I think it's a bug regarding invalid certificates, but I'm not sure.

    Restarting the httpd process doesnt help. It's difficult to work on the web-configuration because they hide the entire login process in CGi scripts which we cannot see  what they do.

    So the current workaround is to reboot the box which in turn elimiminates the login problem for a while.

    If  I have time I digging deeper on the box regarding the login.html site which starts the authentification process. Maybe it can be disabled globally with all consequences, so keep in mind not to share the box with the open world!
    Unfortunately if the problem occurs only for a few people I don't assume that Zyxel post eventually a bugfix, that's the reality.
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