On NSA320 after power outage unable to access shares

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Hello everyone,,
I had an unexpected power outage on my NSA320.
Now I'm not able to access the Shares from Windows or SSH into the device.

The Web interface connects and shows the NAS is working
I am able to telnet to it (Telnet enabled from Tweaks package) and see files
I am not able to access any files from the Files Explorer on the Web interface either.

Maybe I had a FileSystem error. I tried running Scan on Web Interface and first time it 'fixed' a few errors.

Do you know how I can fix this problem? Will a Hard Reset help? Will I lose my data if I do a Hard Reset?



  • Ijnrsi
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    Can you see the volume in your storage panel?
    And do you check the folder's privilege setting if the setting was gone, then caused you unable to access data?
    Since you can access telnet, then you can try to go to "/i-data/md0/" and use command "ls", and if you can see the folder and data, then you can plug a external HDD via USB port and backup to the external HDD via "cp" to /e-data/xxxxxx.
    Moreover, reset is only clearing the configuration and would not erase your data.

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