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Hi everyone
It is possible to install a USB wifi adapter in the nas326
thank you


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    The USB ports are for external drives.  Unlike other NASs, I don't believe you can use a USB WiFi adapter to make the device wireless.  At least I don't see anything in the GUI that would lead one to believe that is an option.  You could always get a wifi bridge (i think that is what they call it) that has an ethernet port in it and use it to connect wirelessly to the lan/wan.
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    thank you
  • MalcolmH
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    I have tried everything to connect my NAS326 to my Windows 10 PC so that I can transfer some files.  It won't appear in File Explorer either automatically or by using the name \\nas326\music etc or the IP address.  It appears as a Twonky Server but I just can't get access to the shares.  Workgroup name is correct (Workgroup), permissions are set.  SMB is enabled on the PC but nothing seems to work.  Does anyone have any ideas?  I had the same issue with an Asus NAS a while back.  I seem to remember that MS changed something a while ago but not sure if this is the issue

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    You can map network drive on your Windows PC.

    And then you can use File Explorer on Windows to map the network drive.  

    It should not see a Twonky server on your file explorer, since the twonky port is 9001 in default, you'll be able to see the twonky server when you access the NAS IP address with the port.

    e.g : http://IP address:9001

    Maybe there is IP address changing on the NAS device, you can check your router DHCP table and see what is your NAS IP now.

    Try to access the NAS with IP address on your router DHCP table

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    @MalcolmH Are you sure it's a NAS326, and not a NSA325? The NSA325 (and most older NASses, probably also that Asus) only support SMB1 for 'Windows file sharing'. Meanwhile that is disabled by default on W10 (although it is possible to switch it on again), because you a suppose to use SMB2 or ~3. The NAS326 doesn't have this problem.

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