Zyxel NAS542 HDD max size support in 2019 ?

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What is the recent new about 
Zyxel NAS542 related to giant disk support. Yes, volume max is 16TB and the HDD compatibility list does only mention a specific 12TB as max.

Is it likely that Zyxel NAS542 supports the latest 12TB Ultrastar HUH721212ALN600 (Western Digital DC HC520) when updated to the latest firmware ?

..or has anyone a setup on the NAS542 using Western Digital / HGST (or any non-Seagate) disks larger or equal to 10TB ?


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  • Wiasouda
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    Learn from pervious article, the list is just the verified Hard Disk List by Zyxel tested.
    I don't have the large size HDD can test, but the I/O is the SATA interface and should be okay to be detected, so I think it is usable.

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