Where to find docs about the LTE5366 CLI / ssh remote management?

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According to the Zyxel LTE5366 user's manual v1.0 edition 2 3/2018, page 145 chapter 20.5 "Remote Management"  it says that it is possible to "access LTE5366 CLI using SSH service".

There is nothing more about this "CLI" in the manual and I could not find anything about it elsewhere either.

1) Do you know if there are any specs about this LTE5366 CLI or how to manage LTE5366 with ssh?

2) Is it possible to configure LTE5366 so that ssh remote management is allowed only from the LAN side and NOT from the WAN side?

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  • Zyxel_Support_CPE
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    Hi J_K,

    According remote management design in LTE5366, SSH access is only available for ISP engineer to troubleshoot so it means it might not suitable for home users.

    May I know why you need configure this page? Any specific service you would like to do?

  • J_K
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    I'm looking for possibilities to get status information out of the LTE5366 programmatically. E.g. speed measurements (automated SLA tracking), logs (monitor suspicious events) etc. So mostly reading information.

    Also sending and receiving SMS messages (enables remote monitoring & management of LAN apps) programmatically through LTE5366 would be important feature. 

    I haven't bought a LTE5366 yet so if there are other Zyxel products that support these type of possibilities, then let me know.

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