NSA325v1 Not working after move

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I have a NSA325 v1 for a very long time. We moved house last week and I was very careful when moving. I connected the NSA325 to the new broadband Router/Modem but it is not showing up on the network.

The power is getting to the NSA and the HD1 light is on. I have noticed that on the Ethernet port on the back the Orange light is blinking, but not the green.

Any ideas?


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  • lodiabai
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    Maybe router and NSA325 v2 has different network subnet.
    Did you use static IP on your NSA?
    You can try to reset the IP and password by pressing reset button with 1 beep.
  • GarethOBrien
    GarethOBrien Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    I got this sorted. Turns out I set a fixed IP Address on the NSA in my old house. When I connected to the new Router/Modem it was in a different Subnet. I used the Startup Utility to discover the NSA, remove the fixed IP Address setting and all working fine.

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