Is DHCP server turned off in bridge mode?

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My network has two Multy X devices, first one in bridge mode, and a cable router from the provider with WiFi turned off and DHCP server active with a limited address range to be used and a few IP addresses reserved via MAC.
Every now and then, I'm seeing IP addresses on my network that are outside of that range.
Is there a DHCP server active when the first Multy X is in bridge mode?


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  • Zyxel_Steven
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    Hi w8rn8r,
    If your Multy X as bridge mode, it hasn't DHCP server feature to serve main network of Multy X.
    Main network IP addresses will get from upper layer router.

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  • w8rn8r
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    Thanks, Steven; I was hoping that this would be the answer to my question.
    But then I'm still puzzled about what device could be assigning these "rogue" IP addresses ...
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    Can you screenshot the device IP information with "rogue" IP addresses?
    Or is there more description about "rogue" IP addresses?
    And what is your network topology and IP range of DHCP server?

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