Multy-App and Alexa Skill show 0Mbps download/upload speed & no option to test my smartphone speed

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Hello community!

Today I wanted to test the internet speed of my two Multy X using the Multy app (diagnosis). Unfortunately both devices show 0 Mbps for both download and upload although I have full bandwidth access to the internet. But both devices communicate with each other with more than 500 Mbps. This is the only one that is displayed correctly. I also did the speed test with Alexa. She always says "The previous test result was not good". (or something similar).

Also, I can't do the speed test for my smartphone (the second icon at the bottom of the Multy app) because the test button isn't displayed.
I have tested the Internet speed of my smartphone with another Speedtest app and it shows me the full speed. All my other devices (TV's, computer, smart devices) also have full Internet access and full speed.

I have restarted the two Multys and updated the Multy app but the issue still persists.

Is this perhaps due to the Zyxel servers, because until a few days ago both speed tests in the Multy app worked without problems? I don't want to reset my Multy X for nothing.

Does anyone else have this problem and can anyone help me?



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    Also having this problem.

    I would upload a screenshot to prove it but the 'Choose file' option on this forum does not work on my Android 9 phone. Very frustrating.
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    @Gagac, @odifoke,

    Recently, Ookla (Speedtest) server has changed its protocol from http to https to cause Multy X cannot get server list. We are working to modify the configuration file of Speedtest and will release new firmware to fix this issue soon.

    New firmware and new App has released to fix this issue.

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