Is there ever going to be an update to ownCloud for Zyxel-NAS?

xptrwsk Posts: 1
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Just asking. If not, I can stop waiting and wishing and buy a new NAS which then definitely won't be from Zyxel. On my NAS520 I have ownCloud 7 running which has not been supported anymore for several years and already was outdated when I bought the NAS. No update available and the Zyxel forum is down. This company really seems to know how to scare off their customers.


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  • tomtom38
    tomtom38 Posts: 6  Freshman Member
    You can  install a never version, version 8.2.0 should be work. With ssh access.
    An official update will not be from zyxel
  • Roggenkeil
    Roggenkeil Posts: 6  Freshman Member
    Yes 8.2 works but ist pretty old too yet. Is there any workaround for Owncloud 10 to work on NAS 540?

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