Zyxel NAS326 - fan's speed problem

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I have a new Zyxel NAS326.
The fan's revolutions make me nervous.
What she wants changes her speed 970 -> 1000 -> 970.
At night it is very audible.
Would not it be better to make corrections to the software that allows you to choose whether the fan should work in silent mode or in normal mode.
Or harmonize the fan speed so that it does not change every 2-3 seconds.
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  • Wiasouda
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    no experience this like you, but if the speed up/down very frequently, then you may need to contact your reseller.
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    Anyone resolved this problem?

    I have similar problem but fan speed goes like 1000rpm → 1016rpm → 1000rpm

    2 seconds of one sped than for like 1 second another speed at this cycle this all the time and that sound is quiet but annoying. Replacing fan whould help?

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