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Hi folks!
I've a NAS540 4 bays and I want re-use the same raid1 disks that I used into other platform.
Normally mirroring drive (raid1) ask you which disk you want copy to the other, but with this NAS it seen no possible. Is it correct?
How can I use the disks mantaining the data inside them?
thanks for you cooperation




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    The firmware doesn't support using internal disks with a diverging layout. (Diverging from ZyXEL firmware 5.x NAS layout).
    Unless the raid array is not a default Linux md device, and it isn't using a rare/proprietary filesystem, it is possible to assemble and mount the array inside the nas manually.

    The only way to convert the disks to 'native' without data loss, and without using an extra disk is creating a single disk raid1 array from one of the disks, assemble&mount the 2nd manually, copy the data over, and finally add the 2nd disk to the new raid array.
  • design33
    Thanks Mijzelf!!

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