Zyxel LTE5366 Connection Issues

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So i have been able to repeatably cause my Zyxel LTE5366 to drop the Connection and LTE Modem status goes to off and takes ages to come back up and reconnect it happens with out fail everytime i try and access my Halifax Mobile Banking App.... the internet can be working just fine but soon as i go to load the app it will drop the connection completely

i bought the router from Amazon at a cost of £235 so it's not carrier locked or subsidized this is totally unacceptable for a device costing this much...

My Carrier is 3 In the uk.. this unit was disconnecting roughly every 4hrs but that mostly seems to cleared up and still has the odd disconnection but repeated disconnection when trying to load the banking app something seriously is going wrong with this device

Serial Number is S182Z12001865 it was purchased on the 30th January from Zyxel Communications UK Ltd on Amazon order number ORDER # 206-1903473-8067518 if this is not sorted in the very near future with maybe a firmware update this router will be returned for a full refund as it is not fit for purpose... a Mobile Banking App should not be able to wreak this much havoc on the device 



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    Hi Beyre83,

    I would like to know more about the disconnection:

    1. If you load the other apps would the LTE5366 disconnect from the LTE network?

    2. If you access your Halifax account by browser instead of by app, would the LTE5366 also disconnect from the LTE network?

    3. Apart from the 3 UK LTE service, do you have an alternative Internet connection? I am thinking about checking this issue through a Teamviewer session.


    I don’t have a Halifax bank account so I cannot log in to this app.

    Instead I log in to the app of my own account while connecting to the LTE5366’s Wi-Fi, the LTE5366 LTE connection continues.

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    I encountered almost exactly the same issue. When my Zyxel LTE5366 is connected to LTE of Beeline Vympelcom (but not of MTS) and I load the login page of Citibank Russia (not just main webpage of the bank, but the login page at URI:     https://www.citibank.ru/RUGCB/JSO/signon/DisplayUsernameSignon.do?locale=ru_RU     ) in Safari web browser (but not in Chrome) on MacOS, my Zyxel LTE5366 immediately loses its cellular interface, while retaining the physical connection with the same LTE cell, i.e., continuing monitoring the signal strength, etc. The immediate loss of the interface is evident when one pings a Google DNS server (e.g., or in the background - the ping immediately gets no response, while the Citibank login page doesn't load, just stops in the process, the page doesn't notify it cannot load, doesn't interrupt the loading, just freezes in the process as if waiting for a response from the bank's web server (the https "lock" in its place in the address bar all the time).
    After that happens, waiting is of no help - it usually necessary not only to restart the modem hardware, but also adjust some settings (I didn't noticed any system in that - oftentimes any adjustment/any change in the settings helps restore the interface). Without that random settings adjustment, with only hardware restart of the modem, it will constantly try to obtain its IP address and gateway IP address, changing them all the time with no ping restoration at any moment during that process.
    Initially I thought the problem wasn't with Zyxel, I thought somebody installed a femtocell and lubberly tried to intercept my bank login session. Then I noticed that this issue is not replicated with Chrome or Mozilla (the latter from Linux), and finally when I found this forum post, I understood there should be something very wrong with Zyxel itself. The fact that this issue affects Western banks is very disturbing. Either Zyxel firmware for this particular model is easily infected with malware or the malware was placed in the original code by some insider.
  • I'm guessing no solution was found to either of these, I have exactly the same issue, it has been driving me insane as apart from this the router works fantastic. Just either randomly cuts out or when I go to the specific address listed above. So annoying, it will have to go back to Amazon if there isn't a solution?
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    Hi spacemanspiff, 

    Are you using the V1.00(ABKA.0)C0 firmware?

    Could you please list which addresses or links you tested which caused Internet disconnection?
    And could you please also identify which end device you are using?
    For example, URL, tested by MacOS (OS version:xxx), Safari.
    Thank you. 



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