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I may have made a bit of an error in trying to install metarepository on my NAS542. I installed it using instructions for NAS central and only after that did I find this forum and Mijzelf's excellent guide. The trouble that I have now is that I can't seem to reinstall it. I've uninstalled through the app centre and deleted all the files there, but when I search for apps with an updated web_prefix file, it just gives an error saying "Download List Fail". All the official apps are listed in "All Apps" and no matter how much I refresh, there's no option for Metarepositoty. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?


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    It's not clear what you mean with "and deleted all the files there".

    Anyway, if you get a "Download List Fail" with web_prefix, and everything goed well without, it's the web_prefix file which is wrong, or the server it's pointing to is down.

    Here are the latest instructions:

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    came back to it with a fresh head and realised I'd been copying the old web_prefix file all along. All working now, thanks for the help :smile:

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