NAS326 prevent network files from delete

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I recently purchased the NAS326 to keep one company's important business documents and all employees have access to them.
Now I have a problem.
How do I protect a file / folder from being mistakenly removed by employees who have access?
Or how do I add password protection to a folder?

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    HIMITSU Posts: 5  Freshman Member
    @eReset Shared Folders has an option called "Enable Recycle Bin for this share folder".
    When mis-deleting the file, the file can still be recovered from the recycle bin.
    Or you can create a group with the access of Read Only for this folder. Employees still can get the file and don't need to worry the file would be deleted.

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    I m sorry but i can not found this option. On properties ? Ca i have more details ?
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    "Shared Folders" is under Control Panel's Privilege and Sharing page.
    I can see recycle bin option on both creating folder and edited folder.
    Hope this can help you.