LTE 3302-M432 SIM card not ready

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Placed this router on a cottage in the mountains last september (2018) and it was working fine for approx. 2 weeks together with the Netatmo weather station before it went down. Checking with the provider it had suddenly began with several attach/detach before staying detached. Being unable to access the cottage before this week I recycled the power several times with no luck before resetting the device but still the same result. Logging in it reported 'SIM card not ready'. The same SIM is working fine in another CPE so I'm suspecting a firmware malfunction. Current firmware is V1.00(ABKQ.0)C0.
Any solution anyone?



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    Hi mwjancey,

    In order to provide you with a better assistance, we contacted you through private message to get more information, please check your message box.

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    I got exactly the same issue with a recently bought LTE3302-M432. My Bouygues SIM perfectly works on a phone, but does not on the router, with the dreadful "SIM card not ready" error (which seemed to exist also with the LTE3301. Can you help ?
  • Same problem with my 'new' (bought an unused unit from a person) LTE3302-M432. Why Zyxel does not disclose the reason for this 'SIM card not ready' problem as this seems to be quite common issue in this modem and in LTE3301? This modem seems completely unusable - tried a few different SIM cards that work in other devices such and Huawei 4G modems.
  • Hallo, I have the same problem. the router worked fine for about two years with the same SIM card but then suddenly stopped working. if I use the same sim card in another device it works perfectly well but as soon as I put it back into the router the router says ‘Sim card not ready’. any ideas?
  • Hallo, I'm having the same problem too. Is there a firmewareupdate upcomming or do i have to buy a new router?  
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    Hello @K0n1ng

    Do you know what firmware version you have please? has version V1.00(ABKQ.1)C0 firmware available for download.

    I hope that this is helpful.

    Kind regards,
  • tonygibbs16

    I have already this version ("20181005_Zyxel_LTE3302-M432_V1.00(ABKQ.1)C0")  of the firmware, but keep having the ‘Sim card not ready’ popup. 
    The simcard works in a phone and suddenly stopt working in the modem. 

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  • I have, but getting the same results. If decided to buy a new one. 

    Think this one has died.  

    Tanks for the help. 

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