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I bought a Zyxel Multy X system a few month ago, but I had to return it because special characters seems not to be supported as part of an SSID name. My WiFi SSID is the same since many years and when I upgrade to new hardware I take the same SSID for easier migration. But when I tried to setup I got an error message telling me that the character ' ("DON'T" is part of my SSIDs name) is not supported as part of the SSID. No other vendor does this. Is it planned to support such special characters in the future. I'm very impressed about the Multy X system and really would like to switch to this.


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    As far as I know, Multy App does not support special characters as "'`<>^$& and emoji.
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    To avoid some people with bad intention uses special symbols to make these inputs as command to control the device, Multy App cannot accept special symbols ("'`<>^$& and emoji).
    Thank you for your understanding.
  • s_rosenthaler
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    Is this now possible? I really would like to switch to Zyxel Multy, but reconfigure > 50 devices is to much work. Also all other network manufacturers allow such characters.

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