[NEBULA] How can I configure to separate SSIDs between NAPs?

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How can I configure to separate SSIDs between NAPs?

In the scenario if you wish to allow NAP1 to only broadcast SSID1 , NAP2 to only broadcast SSID2 , what are the required configurations to do?

The answer is to use the SSID tag function, the concept is the NAP will broadcast the SSIDs which shares the same tag as the AP

Taken below scenario for example.
I have 2 NAPs, one in the lobby and one in the office. I want the lobby AP only broadcast the SSID "SSID_lobby", and office AP to broadcast "SSID_office" 

Step1. Apply tags to APs.
Go to AP list page in Device > Access points, select Lobby AP and on the top left corner click on "tag" button and add the tag "lobby" to the AP, do it again for office AP and apply office tag instead of lobby.

You can check the "Tag" column to see the tags applied to your AP.

Step 2. Apply tags to SSIDs

Go to Configure > Wifi SSID settings, under SSID_lobby, apply the tag "lobby" then apply "office" under SSID_office, and save the configuration change.

Now the APs should be broadcasting SSIDs according to the tags defined. You may check the client connection status in Client .