LTE3302 Simcard Compatibility

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Hi Everyone,

We've found that some network operators simcards are not recognized by the LTE3302 unit. Is there a limitation on certain versions of simcards? 

EMTEL in Mauritius & RAIN in South Africa simcards are not readable by the LTE3302. However, we have no problem with other operator simcards.

Thank you in advance.


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    Hi fwvo,

    The LTE3302 accepts SIM card with its power specification as 1.8/3V.

    The specification should be able to accommodate most of the SIM cards.


    I would like to know whether you use a SIM card adapter to fit in the LTE3302’s SIM card slot?

    Nowadays micro and nano SIM card are the size for more and more end devices, as the LTE3302’s SIM card slot is mini SIM size, some users may accommodate the SIM card by a SIM adapter.

    If you use an adapter, please make sure the SIM card fits to the adapter well.

    Otherwise, the LTE3302 may not be able to detect the SIM card.


    Could you please also take a screenshot of the “LTE Modem Status” page (Monitor > LTE Modem Status) when the LTE3302 cannot detect the SIM card?

    Thank you.

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