Problem with Backup time machine on NAS 326

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I've the time machine function active on my nas but is very unstable. If i turn on the NAS seems to work for a few minutes. After time machine try to make backup the "time machine function" disappear from finder and TM show this message "time machine disk not found". Can i resolve this problem?

I would make the backup via SMB protocol like suggested from apple but i can't share the folder on NAS because the item "Advanced Option" is gray (deactivated)  :(


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    0101OSX Posts: 13  Freshman Member
    Update: I've resolved using an alternative solution. I couldn't used the Time Machine function integrated; But I've create a "sparsebunde" image using "disk utility", that I've put into my NAS. After this I've activate the recognition of network disks using the terminal. And here we go. Time machine have recognized sparse bundle image like a support to do backups

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