LTE3302 Brindge Mode Disconnections

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i have a Unifi Setup with a Cableconnection at WAN1 and for the Backup a LTE3302 with unlimited Data on WAN2.
The setting works fine in Normal Mode.(Not Bridged)
I can disconnect WAN1 and the Unifi Router make a failover to WAN2.
But for Rechable Reason i need to Bridge the LTE3302.
After Bridging the LTE3302 he try to connect and after a second he disconnect and try it again.

What could be wrong?

Thank you for your Help.


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  • YeK
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    Hi Paladium,

    Do you mean that after switching to bridge mode on the LTE3302, the LTE3302 tries to connect to the LTE network but never really successfully connects?

    Does the “Status” page show a WAN IP address, as the following image shows?

    Also, could you please take a screenshot of the LTE Modem Status page (web GUI > Monitor > LTE Modem Status)?

    Thank you. 

  • Paladium
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    Hi YeKKu,
    No, he connect to the LTE but then he fail to build a stable connection from LAN LTE3302 <> Unifi USG.

    Thats Bridged with a Ping over WAN1:

    Thats Bridged with a Ping over WAN2 after Disconnect WAN1 on Unifi Router:

    And the Settings from LTE3302:
    (I lose after activate Bridge Mode the connection to the LTE3302.)

    And the WAN Settings from LTE3302:

    Thank you for your Help

  • Paladium
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    Problem Solved:
    Have disabled Firewall and IPV6 on WAN.

    Now works Fine on Main and Backup.

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