NAS326 web remote login problem (administrators users only)

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Hi everyone,

i have a very strange issue, if i try to log in from the web (both when i am in the local network and also when i try to log from the wan using the public ip) using an user with administrator privileges (admin or others that i created later) the nas says that "user name or password is incorrect". Then if i try to log in with a user that has no privileges as administrator it works. Than if immediatly i try to log in again with "admin" it works. How can it be?!

firmware is the lastest V5.21(AAZF.3)


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  • Rory
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    Did you try to reboot or reset your NAS326?
  • Tom_99845
    Tom_99845 Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    i've tried but with no good results. yesterday i flashed again the last firmware, now it seems to work... i hope!

    thank you for your answer
  • Afflospark
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    You have an issue with your router which said your username password is incorrect. And when you try without password It's working. I also have this problem a few months before.
    I am not sure about the real problem But I encounter that problem
    First, I reset my device for default settings.
    Then you have to reboot it.
    If it does not work you have to flash it with your last firmware.
    Hope this will help you.

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