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I have been using Zyxel Multy X for awhile, and I am in general happy with the performance. But I have one issue. I have a web server connected that I need to access from port 80, and for configuration with SSH (port 22). I have set it up, and it does work, but it is something with the response time/performance that is not right... When I connect via SSH it connect fast, and ask me for my username. So far so good. But when I've entered the user name it takes about 2-3 minutes (!) before I'm asked to type in my password. After that the response time and performance is normal. But why do I have to wait so long for the login? And I relate this also to the web server performance issue, and connetions at port 80. It generally works, but sometimes the response time is so slow that the web browser times out. I have a web page that refreshes every 30 seconds, and it times out 10-15 times a day. So something is wrong with the performance here. Hardware issue? Configuration restrictions? Any ideas for a workaround? 

NB! Iv'e updated to the latest hardware, tried to switch the multy boxes (i have 3), configured and reconfigured - but nothing helps. And the web/ssh-server is not the problem, when I connect it to another network (not Zyxel) it works perfectly fine.



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    Could you provide the details of your network topology?
    And the web server is directly connected to the primary Multy node's LAN?
    Is possible to share your port forwarding settings?

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