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I've recently installed Multy X.  My DS216Play Synology NAS was originally plugged directly into LAN port on my Netgear modem/router.   All libraries and services were accessible on the LAN and certain services externally (e.g. Photo's and Video's) due to Upnp rules that the Synology created on the router.

I've now plugged the NAS into the master Multy X.  Everything still works fine on the LAN but nothing is accessible externally.  Re-running the 'setup router configuration' on the NAS fails on the Network steps.  The only gateway/router it shows is the master Multy X and not the Netgear modem/router.

I'm assuming this is because the Upnp rules need to be setup on the modem/router but the modem/router has a completely different IP address range from the Multy X network.

Any advice?



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  • Hanamichi
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    You can try to set Multy X as Bridge Mode.
    It will be in the same network segment with your Netgear modem/router.
    Below link is the FAQ.
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    Hi Hanamichi

    Thanks for the feedback.  So, just to check if I have understood your suggestion, if my modem/router is in the IP range of 192.168.0.x  and I put the Multy X in to bridge mode then the Multy X will reconfigure from 10.0.0.x range that it currently assigns to all devices to 192.168.0.x ?  The modem/router then becomes the gateway for all devices including the Multy X devices?

    Is that right?



  • Hanamichi
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    Hi psinclair1969,

    If Multy X is Bridge Mode which means all IP addresses will assign from your NETGEAR Modem/Router. Multy X doesn't have DHCP Server in Bridge Mode.

    For example, your NETGEAR Modem/Router IP range is 192.168.0.x, all devices (includes connected with Multy X's devices) will get the same IP range.
    Internet---NETGEAR Modem/Router(DHCP Server: 192.168.0.x)---Multy X Bridge Mode(192.168.0.x)

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