Second node not turning to blue led for setup

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Hello team I recently purchased the Multy U system and I am having issues with the secondary node. It is staying in a solid white LED and will not change to blue. I attempted to reset using the button on the back multiple times with no changes. Any suggestions on how to resolve this issue?


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  • Teemo
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    When you press the reset button for at least 5 seconds, do the LED starts to blink amber or anything happen on LED? Does the LED always solid white? Do you not able to add 2nd node?
  • Dash
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    Hi Alexhdz321,

    Has the secondary node been install before? As you said: it is staying in a solid white LED, how long you're waiting for LED status? Always is solid white and not change to blue?

    You can try to hold reset button of Multy U, and then power on Multy U, when the LED turns to green, please release reset button. After that, please power off and power on Multy U to check its LED can turn to blue and ready for installation. 
  • Alexhdz321
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    Hello team, I ended up replacing the node after trying the steps above.

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